Unique Survival Gear You May Not Have Heard Of

When it comes to survival gear, there is a lot out there to choose from. Here you’ll find some of the most interesting and unique survival gear we have come across over the last 7 years of prepping for the EOTW.

Adventure Medical Kits SOL Origin Survival Tool

AMK SOL Origin Survival Tool

Zippo Outdoor Line Emergency Fire Starter

Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit
Fire Starter Instructions

Don’t forget the
Zippo Tinder Sticks For Emergency Fire Starter
and the Zippo Outdoor Line Handwarmer (Silver, 4 x 2.5 x 0.5)

SteriPEN Handheld Water Purifier


Mountainsmith Dog Pack

mountainsmith dog pack

Kelty TC 3.0 Transit Child Carrier


kelty TC 3.0 transit child carrier


McNett Tenacious Tape

Tenacious tape


Lifesaver Water Bottle

Etón Raptor Solar Survival Tool

Eton Raptor Solar Survival Tool

Campa USA’s All Terrain ATT Unit


Fenix HP20 Flashlight

Fenix HP20 FlashlightFenix flashlight modes


Soto Pocket Torch

Goal 0 Sherpa 50 Adventure Kit

Sherpa Adventure Kit

* Store 50 watts of power with the Sherpa 50
* Charge the Sherpa 50 with the Nomad 13.5 solar panel in about 6-10 sun hours
* Sherpa 50 Power Pack is equivalent to 30,000 AA batteries
* Nomad 13.5 is made from powerful monocrystalline solar cells


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***This article was contributed by Chrystle Poss a.k.a. “Survival Girl”, Owner of this Survival Blog and devoted Prepper. She has been writing articles on survival and emergency preparedness since 2006. You can find her work on various websites and publications.***

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